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Prerequisite Coursework Evaluation
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Division of Athletic Training prerequisite courses at Xavier University.

Applicants for admission to the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Division of Athletic Training at The Ohio State University must meet the course requirements listed below. These requirements can be satisfied by courses taken at the university listed above as indicated, when completed with the grade of C- or better. In some cases, there may not be a published equivalence for a prerequisite course listed. In these cases, please click on the Contact Transfer Credit Coordinator link to find the transfer credit coordinator who can best assist you.

The information provided below is derived from transfer credit equivalencies available on the Transferology website (, a course equivalency tool utilized by Ohio State and many other universities. This does not imply transfer credit equivalencies and is not intended to provide a guarantee that these university courses will subsequently be evaluated as equivalent to specific Ohio State courses. Rather, completion of these courses will satisfy the program prerequisites and thereby insure that the applicant has the academic preparation for advanced study in the professional program.

**Please be advised if any of your courses transfer as general credit and you want them to count towards your degree, you will be required to have them evaluated by the respective department. See link at

Course at Ohio State Course at Xavier University
ANATOMY 2300.04 or ANATOMY 3300 Contact Departmental Transfer Credit Coordinator
ATHTRNG 2000 Contact Departmental Transfer Credit Coordinator
ATHTRNG 2010 Contact Departmental Transfer Credit Coordinator
BIOLOGY 1113 BIOL 160, BIOL 161
CHEM 1210 CHEM 160, CHEM 161 or CHEM 160, CHEM 161, CHEM 162, CHEM 163
CLAS 2010 or HTHRHSC 2500 RADT 150 = CLAS 2010
EEOB 2520 BIOL 140, BIOL 141, BIOL 142, BIOL 143
MATH 1148 or higher Contact Departmental Transfer Credit Coordinator

Revised: June 2018

All science courses taken require a lab component.

In cases where anatomy and physiology are offered in a combined sequence course, both courses are required in order for credit to be awarded. For these courses Ohio State will award credit for EEOB 2510 (anatomy) and EEOB 2520 (physiology).

Athletic Training requires a overall GPA of 2.5, and all prerequisite courses are to be completed by the end of Spring semester prior to enrollment.

This evaluation is valid for the current application cycle only. Evaluated courses and the transferability of these courses can change, at any time, due to course content and re-evaluation. After this date, it may be necessary to contact the Admissions Office for course or program changes. If you have any questions, please contact: Graduate and Professional Admissions at:

Graduate and Professional Admissions
Student Academic Services Building, 1st Floor
281 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1132

Thank you for your interest in Ohio State!